Friday, January 7, 2011

Worth Keeter - Wolfman (1979)

Plot Summary from Mr. Satanism's Video Picks For Perverts

This brother and sister team up with an evil priest and stab their dad, then they invite their other brother to come to the will reading. But he doesn't know that they forged the will to say he gets everything, so he'll stick around long enough for them to turn him into a werewolf. This turns out to be a pretty stupid idea, because the werewolf ends up killing all of them, plus a bunch of other people, and later the priest plans to kill the werewolf anyway so I don't see why they went through all this trouble. Seriously, there was no reason for them to turn him into a werewolf in the first place, except to be a bunch of dicks.

Review by itsruss, IMDB

Look for a story set in the civil war era, where you use a kerosine lamp at night but when colin goes into the toolshed, he turns on a lightbulb!!!! Also look for the main actors to be dressed in period attire except the village mob who are all dressed in somewhat current fashions. (did they really have nylon windbreakers during the civil war??) Smoking monkeys could have done a better job.....

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