Friday, January 14, 2011

Vladimir Vajnshtok - Vsadnik bez golovy aka The Headless Rider (1972)

Plot Synopsis by Clarke Fountain

Based on a novel by Mayne Reid, (a 19th-century writer whose works were much read in the Eastern Bloc) this very popular (in the USSR) western was filmed in Cuba by a Soviet crew and includes many Cubans in the cast. Morris Gerrold (Oleg Vidov) is a poor Irish cowboy who falls in love with Louise (Ludmila Savelyeva), a girl from a rich Texas family. Not only does the family oppose this relationship, but Morris gets into trouble when he sees something which will identify a reputable local citizen as the leader of a notorious gang. After Louise's brother disappears, people begin seeing a headless horseman, much to their terror. The horseman is in fact the missing brother, killed in a way which will incriminate the Irish cowboy. Accused of the murder, Morris is almost hanged by an angry crowd. He does not take these challenges lying down but seeks out and has a showdown with the gang. Ludmila Savelyeva, who plays the love interest in this film, was partly responsible for the popularity of the film. She established her popularity with Soviet audiences shortly before, in a version of War and Peace.

imdb user comments:

excellent treat, 15 November 2006
Author: friendag-1 from United States

It is very romantic excellent movie. It was badly copied for TV but in movie theater it was great. I didn't see it on DVD. Headless Horseman is very scary...The movie made in Cuba, it deserves a credit for nice pictures of nature, very beautiful actors. It was against racism, greed and very human. If you criticize that movie, you should give an example of which you compare it with. It is Russian classics, it was enormously popular and for that time it was technologically advanced. A lot of actors went unknown but Oleg Vidov was a star Many young man were envious for him It could be the case of the previous dude The story is completely unknown in US. So is the writer. You cannot rent it

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