Friday, January 21, 2011

Vic Morrow - A Man Called Sledge (1970)

Luther Sledge (James Garner) is a highway robber; an old west outlaw with a price on his head. When he notices that someone on horseback has been following him for miles one hot afternoon, Sledge sets up an ambush for the would-be bounty hunter. It turns out his stalker was only the Old Man (John Marley), an ex-con trying to get a peek at a gold shipment. Curious, Sledge takes his new friend back to a local bar to talk about the gold a little more.
The Old Man explains that $300,000 in gold dust is being transported from the mines to a heavily guarded jail, where it is kept in a cell that has been modified into a giant safe. He knows, because the safe was next to his old cell. Sledge is intrigued, and with the rest of his gang, starts planning to heist the gold. When a convoy of 40 armed men on horseback and a machine gun discourage his plan to take it in transport, he decides the only way to steal the loot it is to get inside the jail. But nobody's sure exactly what Sledge has in mind, not even Ward (Dennis Weaver) or Hooker (Claude Akins), Sledge's most trusted men.


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