Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Various - Cosmos (1996)

IMDB review-
"Cosmos" is one of the rare anthology films where its composite nature strengthens, rather than detracts from, its cohesion and identity as an artistic work. Six stories are presented, all happening in Montreal but otherwise seemingly unrelated. In each story is an appearance by the cab driver Cosmos, and there are occasional glimpses of other stories' characters, providing a framework to bind them together. But each story also deals with themes of separation or disjointedness; either from society, loved ones, or within the characters themselves. There are also chance meetings and coincidences that occur throughout, bringing unlikely combinations of people together. The characters, like the six stories, are distinct and separate but also tenuously and unmistakably linked.
"Cosmos" is a film of great humour, pathos, poignancy, wit, even zany slapstick. I have seen precious few films like this one and recommend it heartily.

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