Monday, January 17, 2011

Rodrigo Ortuzar - Mujeres infieles AKA Unfaithful Women (2004)

Yet another good movie to come out of Chile, which continues to be one of the least applauded of the Latin American countries where film-making is concerned. The story revolves around the women in three different relationships: the married television newscaster having an affair with her boss, the secretary at the television studio having an affair with her husband's son, and a third wife whose husband uses her simply for his own sexual gratification. The story begins with a gas explosion at a motel where the newscaster's boss is killed and the injured newscaster herself is revealed as his lover in a live broadcast that her husband and the boss' wife both see. The three individual stories are further complicated by a fourth wife unable to get an orgasm from her unresponsive husband. While the various stories might sound unconnected, they all fall into a pattern of neglect of one kind or another on the part of the husbands, which forces the wives to seek satisfaction elsewhere. The third wife, used by her husband, falls into a joyful lesbian relationship with a new girl in town, and the fourth wife, unable to get an orgasm, falls madly in love with a battery operated device that has a habit of running away from her. Add to this a couple of gay detectives seeking to compromise one of the errant wives and there is plenty of action to keep the story moving. There are funny moments and there are sad ones, but whatever, there is never a dull moment. Intelligent acting and a very professional approach to story telling and film-making, this movie rises well above soap opera level. Another good one for Chile!

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