Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Philippe Cousteau & Andrew Solt - Cousteau: Oasis in Space (1976)

Oasis in Space is a series of 6 half-hour shows produced for PBS-tv. It documents the problems earth and man face by pollution, mass production, overfishing, poverty, overpopulation and energy production/ consumption. Philippe Cousteau is talking to scientist, everyday people and people already suffering from the consequences of the destruction of nature. The final episode "Visions of Tomorrow" is an outlook on what prospects there might be for mankind.

Philippe Cousteau developed the series after working on a project with NASA. After analysing satellite pictures on the planet, he cited his father saying, "Our earth stands alone, an oasis in an otherwise barren universe."

Executive producer is Jacques Cousteau.

OASIS IN SPACE (television series) episodes list
What Price Progress? (1977)
Grain of Conscience (1977
Troubled Waters (1977)
Population Time Bomb (1977)
The Power Game (1977)
Visions of Tomorrow (1977)

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