Friday, January 21, 2011

Nigel Wattis - Anthony Caro (1984 )

Sir Anthony Caro (b.1924) is one of Britain's most eminent living sculptors. This film was made at the time of a retrospective of his work held at the Serpentine Gallery in London to celebrate his sixtieth birthday in 1984. In it Caro talks to critic Melvyn Bragg about his work and ideas on sculpture, recalling his artistic development away from what he describes as the 'dreariness' of the academic tradition of the Royal Academy, his inspired period working for Henry Moore, and the trip to the United States where he made the decisive steps of using steel as his material. The viewer will see all aspects of Caro's art, from the scrap metal and waste that are his raw materials, to the artistic process which is shown as he works on and discusses various sculptures on camera.

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