Friday, January 14, 2011

Mehmet Bahadir Er & Maryna Gorbach - Kara köpekler havlarken aka Black Dogs Barking (2009)

Restless and young, best buddies Selim and Çaça struggle to get by while living on the outskirts of Istanbul. By day they raise pigeons on their roof. By night they roam the city streets with their entourage. Selim dreams of marrying his girlfriend and owning his own business with Çaça—if only he can keep the unpredictable Çaça under control. They’re looking for their big break, and figure that their relationship with the local mafia boss will help them open up their own parking-lot business near a high-end shopping mall. But tensions mount when the mall’s security contractor discovers their plans, and the cops start focusing on them in order to gather evidence against the mafia. This dynamic directorial debut does for Istanbul what Scorsese did for Little Italy: It takes an intimate and inventive shooting style and combines it with an authentic ear for that city’s slang to tell the story of two friends who get into deep trouble in a chaotic underground scene. For 15 years, director Mehmet Bahadir Er lived in the neighborhood where Black Dogs Barking is set, and he uses that experience to bring a tremendous realism to the film.öpekler_Havlarken-MKM.avi

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