Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lech Majewski - Gospel According to Harry (1994)

Plot Synopsis by Nathan Southern

As directed by Polish film stalwart Lech Majewski in English, with a Hollywood cast including Viggo Mortensen (A Walk on the Moon) and Jack Kehoe (Melvin & Howard), the 1993 allegory The Gospel According to Harry unfolds at some indeterminate point in the future - when much of the Pacific Ocean is now a sandy, scorched and barren wasteland. Mortensen and Jennifer Rubin are Wes and Karen, a young couple trapped in the most unhealthy of relationships and bound by a co-dependency to one another. With only a bleak future in sight, the two go through empty and meaningless days searching for happiness with scarcely an iota of success. Then into the situation walks Harry, a tax collector who looks on as a distant observer but seems powerless to intervene on any level.

included: french subs
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