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Harun Farocki, Pedro Costa, Eugene Green - Jeonju Digital Project 2007 (2007)

Respite (39min)
Respite is set in Westerbork, a transit camp for the deportees to Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz. Powerful images are captured after the SS officer Gemmeker ordered production of a film about the camp. An inmate, the German-born Jew Breslauer, filmed scenes of work, leisure and a train leaving for the death camps with a 16mm camera.
Harun Farocki

The Rabbit Hunters (22min)
Pedro Costa brings Ventura who is the main character of his previous film, Colossal Youth to this film again and telling about being divested and being alienated of the people who don't have anything. Alfredo is dumped by his wife after losing his job. Ventura is just comforting him with words. Jose is ordered to quit the country. These three men just have a mean reality seeing the high buildings outside and thinking about their happy days.
Pedro Costa

Correspondences (39min)
Virgile and Blanche, exchange emails in their rooms. Virgile likes Blanche, but Blanche likes a boy named Eustache. However, they don't know each other. Virgile talks about life and death, and Blanche accepts it. Eustache, wearing a blue hat, first goes to Virgile, and then to Blanche. At that moment, Blanche remembers that she had danced with Virgile, and goes out of her room to meet him.
Eugene Green

Every year since the first Jeonju International Film Festival back in 2000, JIFF selects three filmmakers who are given 50 million KRW to create a thirty-minute digital movie. No restrictions are given to the topic or type of film to be made and many of the results have been outstanding. Now, gathered together for the first time, these 27 films from 2000-2008 have been made available in a 915 minutes, 9-disk set.

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