Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goran Markovic - Vec vidjeno AKA Deja Vu (1987)

Plot summary (New York Times)

In this downbeat drama, which won the Yugoslavian national film award in 1987, no one escapes the sufferings of the previous generation. In the story, Mihalo started out in life as a piano prodigy, but the agony his family went through when he was a youth dried his creative juices up entirely: his father was sentenced to death by a revolutionary court and his mother attempted suicide. Now he is a middle-aged man who teaches music and piano at an adult education center. His bleak existence is briefly uplifted by the unexpected attentions he receives from a lovely young girl who has problems of her own. She is only using a sexual/romantic connection with him to escape her family's ills. Her features and manner remind him of his beloved aristocratic mother. Soon a series of events drives him right over the edge and he winds up committing some horrible crimes of his own, which traumatize the next generation.

English subtitle here.

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