Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bille August - Den goda viljan AKA The Best Intentions (1991)

Scripted (but not directed) by Ingmar Bergman, Best Intentions is a multilayered backwards glance at the courtship of Bergman's own parents. Henrik Bergman (Samuel Froler) is a struggling theology student in the year 1909. His intended, Anna Aakerbloom (Pernilla August, who married director Bille August while the film was in progress) is from a well-to-do family. Despite the expected class differences and personality clashes, love-or at least mutual understanding-prevails. But after a harsh, spare few years as the wife of a clergyman, Anna yearns for the more bountiful pleasures of her family home. Bergman writes himself into the proceedings as a mewling infant. The current three-hour theatrical version of Best Intentions (original title: Den Goda Viljan) was simultaneously prepared as a six-hour TV miniseries, which ran in Europe, Scandanavia, and Japan.[August].part01.rar[August].part02.rar[August].part03.rar[August].part04.rar[August].part05.rar[August].part06.rar[August].part07.rar[August].part08.rar[August].part09.rar[August].part10.rar[August].part11.rar

Subtitles: English
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