Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pierre Clémenti - La révolution n'est qu'un début. Continuons le combat (1968)



Half family photo album, half ciné-tract, Clémenti's first short film, a psychedelic (he overexposed the camera & double exposed the film), stylised & self-declared manifesto for permanent revolution, a spontaneous creation & poetry on the streets was shot in Paris during the events of May '68 and in Rome where the actor was featuring in Bernardo Bertolucci's Partner. Rediscovered by Clémenti's friend, French director Frédéric Pardo in a basement in 1999 (later that year, Pierre Clémenti died in Paris, France) this silent film, filled with revolutionary slogans & protest images appears to be one of Clémenti's most purely beautiful and concentrated works, at times recalling Brakhage and Eisenstein. Closest perhaps in spirit to what one might expect from a radicalised cinema of the time, this was not a formally signed-up Zanzibar title but Clémenti was certainly a fellow traveller.

Language: Silent
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