Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lainy Bagwell & Lacey Leavitt - Blood on the Flat Track: The Rise of the Rat City Rollergirls (2007)


"This is a great documentary of a critical and formative peice of the Women's Flat Track derby revolution. This film honestly and accurately gets to a lot of the core of why this is the fastest growing sport in the United States: Why it is more of a social movement than a sport and what it really involves. Ignore the packaging, or take it as camp. This film has some great derby footage and information and gives modern flat-track derby the respect it deserves. This film attempts, about as well as a documentary can, short of a full top-level live bout, of conveying the speed, power, sheer athleticism, emotion, and skill of modern women's flat-track derby. The film also does not shy away from the emotional and social aspects of flat-track derby and refuses to get hooked into the superficial [and usually sexist] "marketing" of derby that still haunts the sport. This is the film that cuts through the hype and gets to the truth, as all good documentaries do. Besides, the Rat city story, as is the KC [first national champions], and the Austin [inventors of the modern flat-track game] stories, is a great story in and of itself and thank god, someone documented it [with all due respect and full kudos to [...] TV for their part in documenting the Puget Sound flat-track phenomenon]."

"I'm fresh meat on a league in AZ. I find that roller derby has consumed me until it's what I want to eat, breathe, and live. Yet even as I go to practices, skate, and watch bouts it's not enough for me. I want MORE roller derby. More, More More, More. I want to read about it, see it, train for it, cross train for it, market it, talk about it, hear about it, learn about it, and watch it. If you have been afflicted with a roller derby addiction like me you will love this documentary. It shows the girls, the drama, the cameraderie, the physicality, the insanity, the frustration, the time commitment, and the joy of this sport. Regardless of what you think of their style of rough skating, it's compelling to watch. Plus as a newbie it inspires me to want to train harder, skate against them, and give those girls some blocks of my own. If you love derby or are thinking about doing derby, this is the movie that I think best conveys the passion people feel for this sport."