Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jose Padilha - Tropa de Elite aka Elite Squad (2007)


The movie, set in 1997, depicts the story of Captain Nascimento, a BOPE captain, who with the imminent birth of his first child, is determined to leave the battalion and find a safer position for the sake of his family, but first he must find a suitable replacement for him. At the same time, the movie focuses on two childhood friends, Matias and Neto, who become cadets in the military police, but become dismayed at the corruption surrounding them. Eventually, both Nascimento and the cadets' paths intersect, when the captain hopes that one of the two may become the substitute he is eager to find, as both decide to join the BOPE.

Tropa de Elite became one of the most popular Brazilian movies in history. According to DataFolha, 77% of São Paulo residents knew about the movie. The word of mouth was also extremely good with 80% of the people rating the movie as excellent or good according to the same company.[3]. The movie was released in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo on October 5, 2007, with a nationwide release on October 12, 2007. Up to now 2.5 million people have seen it at the theaters.[4]. In Rio and São Paulo, with no promotion other than billboards, 180,000 people saw the movie during its opening weekend.[3] [5]

The movie was also the cover for three of Brazil's most important weekly magazines, Veja, Carta Capital and Época.

On 16 February 2008 the movie was awarded with the best movie award of the Berlin International Film Festival, the Golden Bear.

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