Friday, December 10, 2010

C.M. Pennington-Richards - Ladies Who Do (1963)

The great rubber-faced clowns Peggy Mount and Robert Morley match wits -- as well as formidable teeth and jowls -- in this rollicking tomfoolery.

From the IMDB:
"Mrs.Cragg ( Peggy Mount ) is a charlady in the employ of the successful property development firm Ryder Enterprises. One day she finds a barely-smoked cigar in her employer's waste-paper basket, and, wrapping it in a piece of paper, gives it to her other employer, Colonel Whitforth ( the splendid Robert Morley ).

"Noticing that the paper is in fact a telegram warning of an imminent company take-over bid by R.E., the wily Colonel instructs his stockbroker to buy shares in the doomed firm, and then sell them when the bid goes through. He makes a profit of £5,000! He offers Mrs.Cragg a share in the money, but she thinks he has done something illegal and goes to James Ryder ( Harry H.Corbett ) to come clean about the whole business. While waiting to see him she finds out R.E. have bought Pitt Street - where she lives - and plans to turf out the residents in order to build office blocks. Enraged, she enlists the help of other chars to beat the greedy Ryder at his own game... Who Do.avi