Friday, December 3, 2010

Artem Demenok - Die Reise nach Metropolis aka Voyage to Metropolis (2010)

This is the documentary that was shown directly after the TV premiere of the new "Metropolis" restoration. It tells the exciting story of how Fritz Lang's masterpiece got shortened and how people around the world tried to restore it. Interestingly enough, a first attempt was already made in the Soviet Union in the 1960s, and people involved with that attempt are interviewed as well as those employees of the Buenos Aires archive who finally managed to find that much talked about 16mm copy that helped to finally get "Metropolis" back to its near-original form and which made us all swoon when we saw it here or directly on TV. The film also considers the steps in-between, such as the Moroder version and the 2001 resto. There are also some screen comparisons to highlight the different footage of the same scene that survives in different prints.

The film contains interviews with Enno Patalas, Manfred Koerber and many others, and also some documentary footage of Lang himself.


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