Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alan Clarke - Play for Today: Beloved Enemy (1981)


A cool hard study of 'the art of the deal' on a global scale. Sir Peter, the chillingly affable chief exec of big British multi-national UKM, learns that the Soviet Union's chief scientists are in London with government credit to spend. He's keen to flog them a tyre-production plant. based in the Ukraine, which will unshackle UKM from bothersome unions at home. But at the negotiating table, it fast becomes apparent that the Soviets are more interested in the laser technology UKM employs to vulcanise their tyres; and Peter starts to foresee a new future in military aerospace for his ever fiexible firm.

BELOVED ENEMY is an episode of PLAY FOR TODAY from 1981, directed by Alan Clarke (SCUM, ELEPHANT, THE FIRM) and written by David Leland (who also wrote the Clarke-directed PSY-WARRIORS and MADE IN BRITAIN).


I received this on DVD from an online source. I don't know the details of where it came from but it is a VHSrip.

This rip was made in Handbrake.

http://www.filesonic.com/file/39695799/Beloved Enemy.avi