Friday, October 1, 2010

Yavuz Turgul - Gölge Oyunu (1992)

imdb Wrote:
Mahmut and Abidin work as comedians at a night club, Mahmut is honest yet Abidin is sly. Sulo brings a deaf and dumb girl named Kumru, to working the night club, but the club owner sends her away, she in he sees that Kumru is deaf and dumb. Mahmut wants to help her and brings her to their house. She starts living with them. Kumru starts selling cigarettes and flowers in the club. Mahmut sees a picture in her hand and understands that she is looking for her mother. He decides to help her and finds out that the mother is in prison. Abidin and Mahmut fight for Kumru and Abidin starts to work in a different club with a different partner. Yet Abidin is very sad and decides to commit suicide, but Mahmut saves him. They start working together again. They go and visit Kumru's mother in prison. Mahmut is in love with Kumru and spends the night with Her, but she leaves them the next day. They search for her everywhere, but it is as if she has never existed. They are not sure whether this was a dream that they have dreamy or the reality.. But life is still going on..

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no pw no subs