Saturday, October 2, 2010

Myung-se Lee - Injeong sajeong bol geot eobtda aka Nowhere to Hide (1999)

A guy gets killed in the street during a rainstorm, his death seems suspicious so Detectives Woo and Kim get on the case. They start searching for possible clues, luck on their side when they arrest a drug dealer who has some information on the possible killer. Eventually they find out the identity of the killers girlfriend and basically use her to try to find him. They try to catch him but each time they get close the guy manages to escape, detective Woo and Kim take this personally and will stop at nothing to catch this crook.

*Blue Dragon Film Awards 1999:
Best movie
Best supporting actor: JANG Dong-Kun
Best cinematography

*Grand Bell Awards - Festival de Daejong 2000:
Best cinematography

*Paeksang Arts Awards 2000:
Best actor: PARK Joong-Hoon

*Deauville asiatic film festival:
Lotus d'Or ("Jury Prize")
Best Photography
Best actor: Park Jung-hun
Best director.

Language: Korean (English subtitle (.srt) included)
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