Wednesday, October 6, 2010

John Frankenheimer - I Walk the Line (1970)

A married backwoods Tennessee sheriff (Peck) falls in love with a teenager (Weld) whose father is a moonshiner. The sheriff keeps quiet of the illegal whiskey production, making sure his men and federal agents stay clear of the still. When a deputy stumbles upon the liquor production and is killed, the sheriff is too smitten not to aid and become an accomplice. With a few of the earmarks of Frankenheimer the film follows a gentle, yet subtly building, pace. I fear there was a little too much production intrusion with Johnny Cash tunes popping up frequently - assuming, I suppose, his popularity might help ticket sales. Peck is his usual fabulous self, this time as a brooding, uncomfortable adulterer but overall the film doesn't seem to fill all the pieces of the puzzle quite adeptly. Luckily the performances carry the us through and Frankenheimer's still has a few tricks up his sleeve with a unsuspecting finale.

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