Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hasko Baumann - Durch die Nacht mit... Bruce LaBruce und Jörg Buttgereit (2006)

"Durch die Nacht mit... " (2002) (aka "Into the night with...") is an award winning series produced for ZDF/ARTE since 2002. The series matches artists from different fields to spend an evening together in a city of their choice. The idea is to create a forum for artists to exchange ideas and also show them as real people. Various locations and surprises evoke spontaneous reactions and interactions between the artists, cameras that operate fly-on-the-wall-like add to the unusual high level of authenticity and realness.

In this episode the two filmmakers Bruce LaBruce (Skin Flick, Hustler White....) and Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik, Schramm...) meet in Toronto. They visit a porno cinema, a dominatrix and a dance club. You may think, that these two men fit together perfect. But Buttgereit isnt't that unconventional. He is married since long time, doesn't watch pornography (Where did he get his ideas from...?). LaBruce suggests that he was wanking during some splatter films. Although it's an interesting meeting and Buttgereit has a beaming smile.

Language: English (with german hardcoded subs)
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