Friday, October 1, 2010

Edward Boles - Sweet Georgia (1972)

This may have been Boles' only film (exploitation or otherwise), but it is truly a morals-busting doozy. Sex-crazed nymphomaniac and busty blonde Georgia (Marsha Jordan) may be married to the abusive, greasy, and violent Big T (Gene Drew), but naturally that doesn't stop her from bedding down with just about every other character in the film, including her free-spirited stepdaughter Virginia (Barbara Mills) and hunky farmhand Cal (Chuck Lawson, who resembles an odd cross between Neil Young and Jay Leno).

The sex is frequent, long-lasting and almost unduly excessive, as if Boles and Novak didn't really have much else for the characters to do other than disrobe and go at it. The coupling between Georgia and Virginia, which occurs during a late night campfire, is about as close as Boles gets to high art here, and most of the sex is shot with strange closeups of bumping flesh. A subplot about a goldmine goes nowhere, but things pick up after a main character gets stomped by a horse and another gets a pitchfork rammed through his chest. The twangy guitar music is a bit grating, but Jordan and Mills are attractive women, and Novak has Boles fully utilize their natural talents.
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