Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dondon Santos - Noy (2010)

*Philippine's official submission to 83rd Academy Award's Foreign Language category (2011)..

Dondon Santos’ film is a refreshing change from formulaic love stories and sleazy sex films. The film Noy does not deal with the life of Senator Noynoy Aquino. The titular character Noy (Coco Martin) is a street-smart guy who has nabbed a job at a television station by using fake school records. He makes use of this opportunity by crafting a report on the presidential campaign of his namesake Noynoy Aquino. Lacking the knowledge and skills of an educated journalist, Noy comes up with a pedestrian set of footages. His errors and misadventures make up the bulk of humorous scenes in the film. Determined to give heart to his report, Noy decides to focus on the problems of urban poor people like him and how Senator Aquino intends to address them.

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