Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bruce LaBruce - No Skin Off My Ass (1991)

Description: NSOMA is a gay remake of Robert Altman's That Cold Day In The Park. Director Bruce LaBruce plays the Karen Carpenter-loving hairstylist who is helplessly attracted to the lonely and stoic skinhead he finds and invites to his home. So goes the plot of No Skin off My Ass, the raunchy debut film by new queer-cinema enfant terrible Bruce LaBruce, full of his mix of radical politics, wry humor, and hot, gay sex between nonprofessional actors. This very sexually explicit comedy is really for anyone - male or female, straight or not - who is a bit curious and wants to see a movie that offers something... a little different.

Heralding the 90’s wave of the “New Queer Cinema”, No Skin Off My Ass is a raw and decidedly D.I.Y. exercise in gay porn as art house cinema. Shot in grainy black & white 8mm with a focus on a handsome, young skinhead, No Skin Off My Ass serves as something of a contemporary counterpoint to James Bidgood's Pink Narcissus in its glorification of male beauty. Unavailable on DVD in the U.S.

No Skin Off My Ass played film festivals around the world and quickly became a cult film. Famously, Kurt Cobain declared it his favourite film. In 2005 , Gus Van Sant, the director of Last Days, a fictionalized account of Cobain's last days, told Planet Out magazine, "He did this interview after he had just seen No Skin Off My Ass by Bruce LaBruce and he said that was his favorite movie."


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