Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pierre Grimblat - Slogan (1969)


Serge Gainsbourg fans will have the pleasure to watch the movie during which one HE and Jane Birkin felt in love (in real).

It's quite a good kitch movie anyway, especially cause of the very funny TV adds the hero shoots... and of course thanks to Serge Gainsbourg's Music.


Pierre Grimblat's SLOGAN was released in late 1969 to solid business in France and it remains a pop culture curiosity that featured an early screenwriting credit from Melvin Van Peebles and an astonishing score by Gainsbourg himself. It is often said of this film that you can literally watch Jane and Serge falling in love with each other in front of the camera. SLOGAN is an extremely underrated fun film that would greatly benefit from a legitimate dvd release.

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