Saturday, August 7, 2010

Peter Greenaway - H Is for House (1973)

The film begins in a dreary black and white setting in a foreign country, probably Italy, and with a monotonous ticking noise. Images of people scurrying around and posters on walls. Then suddenly we are thrust into a most tranquil location. The pleasant rural English countryside. Apple trees and the birds singing. The director narrates to us a short tale about a naturalist and the title is shown, accompanied by a spurt of music by Vivaldi. The narrator is Colin Cantlie, the familiar voice heard on the other Greenaway films, Water Wrackets, Vertical Features Remake, Dear Phone, A Walk Through H and The Falls. A little girl plays in the garden, while her mother tends to her and other chores. H is for many things. Other letters of the alphabet are narrated. The film concludes with another witty story.

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