Thursday, August 12, 2010

Norifumi Suzuki - Dabide no hoshi: Bishôjo-gari aka Beautiful Girl Hunter (1979)

Description: "Beautiful Girl Hunter" by Norifumi Suzuki is based on manga by Maasaki Soto.The film portrays the life of Tatsuya,a young man of proper descent whose outward respectability hides his urges for rape and torture.This handsome rapist seduces women,then brings them to the basement of the mansion he inherited from his well-to-do parents,where he indulges in lengthy sessions of sado-sexual violence.An explanation of sorts is given for Tatsuya's sinister urges:he was conceived when his mother was violated by a deranged serial rapist while his father was forced to watch.Then one night,one of his victims escapes.The young woman,who has been kept locked in a cage in the basement for several weeks and subjected to humiliation,degradation,torture and rape,runs from the house screaming,right into the arms of a passer-by.Though she thinks she has found safety,this person is none other than Tatsuya's natural father,the serial rapist.He brings her back to the house where he joins his son in his activities.From that moment the torture and violence shift into an even higher gear."Beautiful Girl Hunter" is a nasty Japanese pinku eiga shocker filled with with nudity,whipping and rapes.The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is great.If you liked this one check out also classy Japanese nunsploitation flick "Convent of the Sacred Beast" by Norifumi Suzuki.10 out of 10. (IMDB)

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