Friday, August 6, 2010

Nhat Minh Dang - Bao gio cho den thang muoi AKA The Love Doesn't Come Back (1984)

Some comment on
One of the 10 best movies ever:
All human emotions are reflected in this movie with great subtlety and within the context of the Viet Nam war tragedy. The plot and subplot are seamlessly weave into one another. All the roles are portrayed superbly. Ms Le Van as Duyen (Zuyen) has one of the most beautiful face in cinema. Above all she is a great actress. The cinematography is art work, showing the landscape of an ordinary vietnamese village in a lovely and poetic way. My hat off to director Nhat Minh Dang. The film is a true masterpiece. Long live the villagers of Viet Nam.

Couldn't say anything more. This movie comes to the heart of any person who lived through the war especially those in the North of Viet Nam. The movie gives one of the best portrayal of the suffering, in particular, of those women who lost their husbands, and of the children who lost their fathers during the war. The suffering is deepened when a noble will is condemn by the society, and when those related to the story have to face conflicting emotions all the time. Le Van shows her best performance, as well as Dung Nhi (?) and The Anh. See the movie and you will understand more the lives of Northern Vietnamese during the War.

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