Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lewis Gilbert - Alfie (1966)

Description: Alfie is a young man from the working classes of London. He is confident, charming, totally self-centered and very successful with the ladies; using them for his immediate pleasure without emotional involvement and leaving a trail of emotional devastation. His callousness toward these women contrasts with the delusion that he causes no harm; he is just teaching life's lessons. He begins to show some personal growth as he watches a child of one of his affairs relating to its stepfather. The emotional climax of the film occurs when he sees the fetus of a married woman he has impregnated and urged to have aborted. When he finally decides to enter a permanent relationship, he chooses the voluptuous Ruby, proprietress of several ladies salons. However, in a twist of fate, Ruby has decided to move on to a younger stud, leaving Alfie with a life's lesson of his own...

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