Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Johnny To - Hak se wui yi wo wai kwai AKA Election 2 (2006)



Description: It has been two years since Lok (Simon Yam) quite literally beat Big D to head the Wo Sing triad, and now is the time for another round of elections. The two-year term cannot satisfy Lok's greed for power, and he attempts to violate the gang's rules and seek a second term. Nick Cheung and Gordon Lam return as the Wo Sing members who have also shown interest in the chairman's seat, while Lam Suet and Eddie Cheung are triads who seem content with what they have. Jimmy (Louis Koo), the up-and-coming triad entrepreneur is too involved in his pirate VCD business to run for office. But the influential Uncles, led by Deng (Wong Tin Lam), want to groom him, and Jimmy soon finds out that chairman status is essential for expanding his business on the Mainland.

In Election 2, Johnnie To has made his political references even more explicit than in the first film. Those who have stayed in touch with Hong Kong's political news will find much amusement in the film's denouement. But even those who have not will find much to delight them in To's sharp and witty observations on Hong Kong's election system.


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