Monday, August 9, 2010

Idil Üner - Die Liebenden vom Hotel von Osman (2001)

Here in THE LOVERS OF HOTEL..., Fatih Akin takes a break from directing to play the male lead, while the female lover, Idil Ülner, acts and directs. Interestingly, she has played lead female roles in three of Akin's best-known full length features (all part of this 12 film exhibition): Short Sharp Shock (1999), Dealer (1999) and In July (2000) - using the International English titles of these German language films. Add to all this, Akin's Golden Bear Award at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival for his latest film, and this documentary has great appeal beyond its subject matter.

Be that as it may, the subject matter is indeed fascinating and very well developed during the 14 minute duration. This film plays with many stereotypes, and addresses different manifestations of love and jealousy, including the lovers' affection for Istanbul and Berlin both. This is definitely one of the best German-Turkish (or is it Turkish-German?) documentaries I've seen. I recommend it highly to all, especially since the essential theme will appeal to most of us, apart from the German Turkish identity issue, and Akin's emergence as one of the major German language film makers of his generation.

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