Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ho Yim - Wo ai chu fang aka Kitchen (1997)

Yim Ho's adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto's best-seller. Aggie (Yasuko Tomita) is a beautiful young woman who completely withdraws from the world following the death of her grandmother. When Louie (Jordan Chan) invites Aggie to move in with him and his mother (Law Kar Ying), she gradually begins to regain her lust for life.

LoveHKfilm Review (by Kozo):
Affecting but extremely different adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen. Those who love the book may be put off, but others may find themselves enchanted by Yim Ho's radical vision.

Inkpot Review (by Jeffery Chen):
In terms of perspectives, Yim tries to provide answers (which in this film, he does) rather then indulge in the dark pit of self-imposed depression.He has presented to us a sincere and poetic film which is small in scale but large in thematic content, dealing with the heavy theme of life and death with light-heartedness and quirky humour. Truly, it is an ode to the power of human love in healing the soul in the midst of utmost loss and despair.

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