Saturday, August 7, 2010

Arsen A. Ostojic - Ta divna Splitska noc AKA A Wonderful Night in Split (2004)

Description: Also Known As:
A Wonderful Night in Split

Three drug-related tragedies, each ending in a senseless death, are interwoven in this stylish black-and-white feature debut by Croatian filmmaker Arsen Anton Ostojic. His aggressive aesthetic treatment of a hackneyed subject takes the film out of the ordinary and points to youth audiences from the region, though festivals may want to have a look.
Connecting thread for the complicated flashback structure is a New Year's Eve concert in the old seaside town of Split. In the first episode, a small boy shoots his mother's lover, who is actually a drug runner planning to double-cross his boss and disappear abroad.
Second piece features a strong screen bow by Marija Skaricic as a young junkie from a well-to-do family who agrees to prostitute herself to a sailor for a fix. American rapper Coolio is notable in an oddly retro role of the heartbroken sailor.
Finally, a clean-cut young couple adds an acid trip to their first sexual experience, with disastrous results. The tense neo-Gothic finale on a roof high above the concert, where the tripping boy tries to fly, is film's most successful sequence.
Mirko Pivcevic's careful camerawork turns lovely Split into an eerie city of dangerous shadows, while the hard cruel beat of pop music underlines the bad vibes. Mixed cast of pros and non-pros is generally well-directed.

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