Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peter Collinson - Ein Unbekannter rechnet ab aka Ten Little Indians (1974)

IMDb comment:

Very enjoyable mystery

This is the fourth remake of "Ten Little Indians" (There is a live television version of the story that aired in 1959.)I actually found this version of the story quite good.(even buying it against the advice of the previous reviews to avoid it like the plague!) The performances of the main actors in the cast could be stronger, but they were good enough that the unmasking of the murderer is a surprise(Although I knew which character it was from the start, having previously seen the 1989 version with Donald Pleasence and Herbert Lom-who is also in the 1989 version as a different character!) The setting has moved from an island mansion to an Iranian hotel. (Which isn't a bad idea at all) and the time frame has been moved to the 1970s. Oliver Reed leads the cast as the suspicious Lombard, Elke Sommer is his love interest, And Richard Attenbourough is inspired casting as the hanging Judge.Attenbourough,however, is not the only great casting idea. Herbert Lom is also a great choice as the formerly alcoholic Doctor Armstrong. The movie also features previous James Bond villains Gert Frobe as Blore, and Adolfo Celi as the General. The basic plot (for those who aren't familiar with it) Is this: Ten people, who are strangers to each other, are invited to a "Party" for different reasons. They are later accused (from a tape voiced by Orson Welles) of crimes that they have committed that they have (according to their "Host")gotten away with. After a few of them are picked off, according to the nursery rhyme "Ten Little Indians" the remaining survivors realize that the killer is one of them. Faced with that fact, the remaining number must try to figure out which of them is the guilty one, before the killer can say......."And then There Were None". Definitely worth a look.

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