Thursday, July 29, 2010

Max Tash - The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space (1995)

The forces of evil are attempting to recapture a human-inhabited earthlike planet that has been liberated by rebels. The son of one of the rebel leaders, an electronic genius, searches the galaxy for a hero and finds Captain Zoom, star of a 1950's TV series. He is transported to the planet as its savior, which role he must play despite himself.

One of my favorite movies! Such great typecasting using Ron Perlman to play an egotistical, sexist male whose cowardly essence get's tested when thrown amidst warring factions. His avoidance to battle, his denial of being the "Chosen One" is all but erased when prophecy lifts it's ugly head in the form of his likeness scrawled upon a cave wall. Using wit and as much courage as could be mustered he stands up against the "Evil forces" and defeats them. I am looking forward to getting a copy on either VHS or DVD. When will it be released? Anyone rating this movie poorly has little or no sense of humor and should stay with watching war documentaries!!!! An over all fun experience!!!!!! that kept me laughing throughout!!

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