Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kalykbek Salykov - Balkon (1988)

Description: "Good sense is an appeal to many times already proven" retro ", undertaken in the movie" Balcony "(based on the poetry O. Suleimenova) director of the Alma-Ata Kalykbekom Salykovym. How much - from the political and social realities of the past - could be added today to the way of everyday early 50-ies! What passions fill the grounds that a few years ago, "retro" barely had planned! Agonizing Stalin's era with its exaggerated images, "Doctors," the burdens of existence of those whose relatives have been repressed, finally, the enigmatic Solntselov (the film takes place in Alma-Ata), who came to us recently from the pages of the novel Y. Dombrowski "Faculty of unnecessary things "- all this in some way reflected in the film. But the director does not forget that the domestic law of "retro" - the harmony of the senses. No matter how dramatic reversals native history, their raises to life today, the human mind, with love and gratitude recalls his usual and unique childhood. There is a "balcony" of such an episode: riding on the spring sunshine Aydar - The main character - on the horse. He's coming - the envy of his friends, and we along with him proudly look to the world. Just this: the point of shooting at two - three heads taller than most Aydar? He is such a feel, what can you do ... "
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