Thursday, July 29, 2010

John G. Adolfi - The Man Who Played God (1932)

Description: Famous pianist Montgomery Royle is the toast of Paris. He is idolized by his student, twenty-five-year-old Grace Blair, who professes her love for him. He agrees that if she still loves him in six months, he will marry her. At the special request of a king, Monty agrees to give an additional recital, where an anarchist's bomb, meant for the king, destroys Monty's hearing, which is already weakened by a hereditary illness. After their return to New York, Grace begs Monty to continue playing, but he refuses, railing against God for making him deaf. Finally, his sister Florence convinces him to learn lip reading. An old friend, Mildred Miller, suggests that perhaps this is God's first test of Monty's strength. Grace leaves for a visit to Santa Barbara, planning to marry Monty on her return. Completely distraught, Monty tries to jump from his apartment window, but is stopped by his butler, Battle. Trying to interest Monty in the life surrounding him, Battle hands him a pair of binoculars, which Monty uses to read the lips of people walking through Central Park below his window. He learns that a young couple are in trouble because the man has tuberculosis and they do not have enough money for his cure. Monty decides to help them and sends Battle down to offer them the needed money. Meanwhile, in Santa Barbara, Grace has fallen in love with Harold Van Adam, a young man her own age, but she stubbornly intends to go ahead with her plan to marry Monty. During Grace's absence, Monty has regained his faith through his efforts to help the people he sees below. While demonstrating his abilities to Mildred one afternoon, Grace, who has returned from her trip, walks beneath the window with Harold. By reading her lips, Monty learns of her love for Harold, and when she arrives upstairs, he sends her away. At peace, Monty visits the church to examine the organ he has donated. Mildred encourages him to play and he discovers that he can have his music after all. (from TCM)

Language: English (hard French subtitles / Spa subs included)
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