Friday, July 23, 2010

F.W. Murnau - City Girl [Tinted version] (1930)

Plot Synopsis from Grapevine Video
Lem goes to Chicago to sell the wheat his family has grown on their farm in Minnesota. There he meets the waitress Kate. They fall in love and get married before going back to the farm. Kate is accepted by Lem's mother and kid sister but is rejected by his father, who believes she married for the money. (And the fact that Lem didn't get a fair price for the wheat is her fault too). The reapers arrive and quickly they make things even more complicated by making their move on Kate. Lem misunderstands the situation and believes Kate is actually interested. In despair Kate leaves the farm and Lem goes looking for her.

Murnau's original silent version. The story of a boy who marries an unwanted woman. The last of the great silent romantic melodramas, and the only work of Mary Duncan that survives in complete form. Acclaimed by film historian Robert Klepper as "an overlooked masterpiece not to be missed."

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