Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Camillo Mastrocinque - Totò, Peppino e... la malafemmina aka Totò, Peppino and The Hussy (1956)



Totò, Peppino and the hussy (Totò, Peppino e...la malafemmina)

The first film to include the names of both Totò and Peppino in the title, "Totò Peppino and the hussy" (Totò, Peppino e la Malafemmina) is considered by many their ultimate masterpiece. Giovanni has a chance encounter with Marisa, a stunning show girl from a variety act, and falls head over heels in love with her. Although having moved north to attend university, Giovanni decides to abandon his studies in order to follow Marisa's theatrical tour. The couple are genuinely in love. The news that Gianni is seeing a disreputable woman and is ready to quit his studies for her reaches his home town via an anonymous letter, which includes a bill of exchange signed by Gianni himself. Totò and Peppino, the young man's two uncles, and his mother, Lucia, decide to travel to Milan to iron out the situation. There they confront Marisa, trying to convince her to leave Gianni and attempting to bribe her with rather crude means. Marisa, disillusioned by the family's behaviour, decides to call off the engagement, despite being sincerely in love with Gianni. That night, instead of going to meet Gianni, she goes to a restaurant with several friends. Gianni, who knows nothing of his family's plotting, feels betrayed and, in anger, he sings “Malafemmina”. Marisa hears the song and bursts into tears. Gianni's uncles and mother, who quite by chance happened by the same restaurant, are moved by the woman's reaction. The following day Lucia meets Marisa and realizes the woman is genuinely in love with Gianni, so much so that she invites her to come live with them in their town. The two uncles, resigned to the inevitable, have some fun with their nephew, encouraging him in some petty tomfoolery as they throw stones at their much-hated neighbour's window.


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