Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brian De Palma - Get To Know Your Rabbit (1972)


Plot Summary (from imdb):
A young businessman (Tom Smothers) goes to a magic expert (Orson Welles) to learn hardness and skill with his cynical and greedy collaborators. He becomes a very good tap dancer, but will he be able to get free of his old boss?


Capsule by Dave Kehr:
Warner Brothers turned off the money before Brian De Palma was able to finish shooting this anarchic 1973 comedy. Consequently, the plotline, about a business executive (Tom Smothers) who decides to chuck it all and become a magician, is even more confusing than it would have been otherwise. De Palma, though, gets off some interesting shots (there's a witty parody of a Hitchcock track under the opening credits), and Orson Welles does some magic tricks. A mess, but not intolerable. With John Astin, Allen Garfield, and Katharine Ross.

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