Monday, July 26, 2010

Bogdan Dumitrescu - Thalassa, Thalassa! Return to the Sea (1994)

Plot Synopsis by Sandra Brennan

Seven underprivileged Romanian children embark upon a naive adventure to the sea and learn about the darker aspects of the adult world in this children's drama. The seven ragamuffins are delighted when they stumble upon a hidden Jaguar convertible. Without hesitation they get behind the wheel. Their leader, Fane, though he can barely peer above the dashboard, is not deterred and together they set off across the countryside. The group outcast, Sisi, was not invited so he hid in the Jag's trunk where he discovers a gun and other suspicious items. He is soon allowed to sit with the others. While driving, they encounter a sign telling them the sea is only 42 km. These poor children have never been to the ocean, and so immediately head there. They have fun at first, but then the inevitable power struggles ensue. The one girl begins to use her charms to manipulate the others. When two children mysteriously disappear, none of the others is terribly concerned. They only care about themselves. Eventually they make it to the sea and their joy is immense.,_Thalassa!_Return_to_the_Sea.avi,_Thalassa!

included: English subs
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