Friday, July 23, 2010

André Delvaux - Un Soir, un Train AKA One Night... a Train (1968)

Mathias is professor of linguistics at a Belgian university. Although middle-aged, he is unmarried, but has a mistress, Anne. Their relationship looks as if it may be coming to an end, but Mathias tries to rekindle the flame. After a passionless dinner together, Mathias leaves to catch a train to a town where he is to give a lecture. On the train, Mathias is delighted to see Anne enter his compartment. The couple are unable to talk with one another and Mathias falls asleep. Having dreamt about a train accident, Mathias awakes to find his train has stopped and Anne has vanished. When he leaves the train to investigate, the train continues on its way, leaving Mathias and two other men stranded in open countryside. Under nightfall, the three men make their way to a nearby village which is strangely silent. When they finally meet the locals, Mathias is surprised that he cannot recognise their language. Where is he, and what has happened to his beloved Anne?

French | Subs: Castellano/English
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