Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aleksandr Lemberg - Belomoro-Baltijskij Vodnyj Put' aka Baltic to White Sea Water Way (1932)

Documentary about construction of the White Sea – Baltic Canal shot by Aleksandr Lemberg ( former member of the group "kino-oki")

about "White Sea – Baltic Canal' from wiki
"The White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal (Russian: Беломо́рско–Балти́йский кана́л, Belomorsko–Baltiyskiy Kanal, BBK), often abbreviated to White Sea Canal (Belomorkanal) is a ship canal in Russia opened on 2 August 1933. It connects the White Sea with Lake Onega, which is further connected to the Baltic Sea. Until 1961, its original name was the Stalin White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal (Belomorsko–Baltiyskiy Kanal imeni Stalina). The canal was constructed by forced labour of GULAG inmates and during its construction some 8,700 people died (although various estimates have been stated)."


Language:Russian intertitles & narrative
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